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Author: Irina Koller-Matschke
This report describes a common framework for public-private cooperation in traffic management and –information. The partners in the SOCRATES2.0 project started with defining a common ground for cooperation on a strategic level. The vision and framework will guide the definition of use cases and functional design of the SOCRATES2.0 solutions for the pilots in Amsterdam, Antwerp, Copenhagen and Munich.
Author: SOCRATES2.0
As a start of the SOCRATES2.0 project, the partners elaborated a framework for defining public-private cooperation models in smart traffic information- and navigation services for road users. This factsheet is a summary of the full report ‘Proposed Cooperation Framework & Bottlenecks’. The goal was to develop an optimal framework for cooperation between the public and private partners, as a basis for a European deployment of Interactive Traffic Management. The framework will be specified for the four pilots in Amsterdam, Antwerp, Copenhagen and Munchen (2018) and validated in the actual pilots (2019). The results will be evaluated and used to update the framework (2020).