Roll-out of interactive traffic management successfully kicked-off

MUNICH, 23 & 24 October 2017 – The SOCRATES2.0 consortium has successfully kicked-off the project in a two day workshop. With most of the partners present, head of BMW Mobility Technologies Martin Hauschild officially started the project with a challenging vision on the future of mobility, followed by the individual partners visions. This resulted in a good and common vision on the future of the SOCRATES2.0 project and -results and was topped off with an excellent visit at the BMW World exposition.

During the workshop all activities were revisited and the starting points were validated. Twenty-four participants from the majority of partners were present during the two day kick-off. The cooperation was characterized by the openness and willingness to share of all partners.

SOCRATES2.0 aims at realising services for interactive traffic management in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Antwerp and Munich and at evaluating ways to work together to create mutual benefits.

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21 September 2018

Looking back at ITS World Congress

SOCRATES2.0 partners unveil a key part of the European project SOCRATES2.0. In the showcase, a detailed, comprehensive and consistent digital image of the infrastructure and traffic situation in Copenhagen was created. The demo showed the power of exchanging and integrating available data and information.

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14 September 2018

Working together is showing guts

Collaborate. It seems so simple and we often are keen on seeing benefits. But actually doing it, still requires some guts. In the European project SOCRATES2.0, eleven public and private organisations have been challenged to try different ways of working together to realise smart traffic and navigation services. Consortium partners HERE, Technolution, BMW and the city of Copenhagen will unveil a glimpse of what’s coming up in 2019 in SOCRATES2.0 during a demonstration at the ITS World Congress in Copenhagen.

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19 July 2018

Movie: SOCRATES2.0 partners present themselves

On 5 July several partners of the project were invited to the pilot city of Amsterdam to present themselves and explain the project. In this meeting, that was hosted by Amsterdam Practical Trial (APT), there was a panel discussion with the partners about the reason why they are participating in this project and their expectations and vision on interactive traffic management. Watch this short movie with the highlights of the meeting.

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05 July 2018

SOCRATES2.0 Cooperation Framework delivered

Public and private partners of the SOCRATES2.0 project developed a framework for public – private cooperation in traffic information. The framework is relevant and valuable to all stakeholders in traffic management and –information services.

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