Privacy is a valuable asset for all EU citizens, as SOCRATES2.0 is about cooperation this also means that we value your privacy. SOCRATES2.0 is a deployment project with a temporary nature and a permanent vision. Within this vision every participant in the services should be protected against abuse of personal data.

Currently the SOCRATES2.0 systems are designed and created limiting our view on the exact data that is exchanged making it difficult to clarify the exact policy. The basis of the policy are simplicity for users and overview of the total. Before SOCRATES2.0 starts recruiting beta users and before measuring starts, the methods with which, and the reasons why collecting and processing personal data is necessary, will be clarified on this webpage and on the websites of the individual SOCRATES2.0 partners. With this every potential user has the ability to choose to participate or decline based on how well sensitive data is protected as well. We expect to finalize this end of summer 2019.

Because SOCRATES2.0 wants you to be an enthusiastic beta user of the partners’ services, the promise to you is that you will be enthusiastic about the handling of your sensitive personal data within SOCRATES2.0 as well.