SOCRATES2.0 respects your privacy following Member State laws based on the GDPR. Within this privacy statement we inform you about how, for what purposes and by whom your data is processed, about the means you have available to execute your rights and other information relevant for processing personal data.


Processing of data

Within SOCRATES2.0 new services for road users are realised for smart routing, actual speed and lane advice, (temporary) road closures, incidents and traffic management measures. These new services are realized in new forms of cooperation by the partners in the SOCRATES2.0. These services are based on sharing data between the partners therefor it is important to describe how we handle this data.


The dataproviders in SOCRATES2.0 prevent your data from flowing freely to the other partners of SOCRATES2.0. They are the guardians of your data and are usually the same company that offer the service you are using. They ensure all data is anonymized and aggregated before sharing. This way data cannot be linked to individual persons by other SOCRATES2.0 project partners.


Data sharing with third parties

To evaluate the project results, SOCRATES has contracted an external (Dutch) consortium built up of Arup, Twijnstra & Gudde and Goudappel Coffeng. The evaluator has access to the same anonymized and aggregated data as the SOCRATEs consortium partners. Additionally the evaluator receives anonymized (unaggregated) responses on surveys. When invited to become a test users you will be asked for consent on sharing this data with the evaluator.

Next to above usage of data by third parties, it may happen that the project is obliged by law or by a justified interest to share data with the police, justice department or anti-fraud organizations.


Data protection

SOCRATES2.0 takes all necessary technical and organizational precautions to protect data from loss or any form of illegal processing. The precautions are aimed at preventing unnecessary collection and/or further processing of personal data.


Retention period

To be able to apply the necessary knowledge within the multi-year project, SOCRATES2.0 keeps data available throughout the duration of the project (2017-2020) and for an extended period of 2 years after the project ends. This data is intended for replicability and verifiability of the evaluation results.

After 2 years, personal data within SOCRATES2.0 will be removed with the exception of data that is obliged to retain for a longer period as required by the Grant Agreement and EU law. The only data permanently available will be aggregated and in generalized reports as part of the SOCRATES2.0 deliverables in which no link to (sensitive) personal data will be available.


Request for information or limit processing of data

Requests for information, rectification, removal or portability can be sent to the Data and/or Service Provider that offers the service you are using and collects your data. The details can be found on their websites.

·         Be-Mobile (link will follow)

·         BMW (link will follow)

·         HERE (link will follow)

·         TomTom (link will follow)

·         BrandMKRS (link will follow)


Please clearly indicate in the subject line the nature of the request: “request for information, rectification, removal and/or portability”.

You also have the right to limit processing within the period that we assess the correctness of your personal data. If you want to limit processing of your data, you can contact the Service Provider offering you the SOCRATES2.0 services.

In both cases your Service Provider may possibly need additional information to verify your identity to prevent your data from falling into the wrong hands.

If you participated in the evaluation and have answered questions on the SOCRATES2.0 services your request can be sent to



You have the right to file a complaint at any moment at the Dutch supervisor, the ‘Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens’ (AP). For more information we refer to the website:



For any questions, complaints or remarks concerning storage, management and processing of your personal data please contact with your request.


Download our full privacy statement here.

Latest change in the privacy statement

SOCRATES2.0 retains the rights to adapt this privacy statement. We recommend you to regularly check if changes have been made.

This privacy statement has been changed on: 21 May 2019.