Activity overview

Roadmap of SOCRATES2.0

More than ever, traffic services on mobile devices and in-car systems influence trip, route, speed and (in the future) lane choices of road users. These services therefore have a growing influence on how traffic is distributed on the network, which was traditionally solely the domain of public road authorities. With automated and self-driving cars, the roles are expected to change even more; not the driver, but the car system will actually decide on what route to drive and therefore become the actual “traffic manager”.

SOCRATES2.0 aims at introducing traffic management in traffic information and navigation services anticipating the integration of these services in self-driving cars.

SOCRATES2.0 builds on existing mobile & in-car route guidance systems, available communication services and on tooling in traffic management centres. However, new forms of public-private cooperation need to be developed based on a win-win for all stakeholders and specifically taking the needs of road users into account.

SOCRATES2.0 is fully aligned with European Commission’s  priorities of making the trans-European road network “smart”, providing for faster, safer and greener transportation throughout the entire union. Alignment with other similar European initiatives like the ITS and TM2.0 platform and with projects like C-roads, Intercor and Concorda is foreseen.