Looking back on the final SOCRATES2.0 conference

The final SOCRATES2.0 conference ‘Wondering is the beginning of wisdom’ was held online on 22 June. More than 200 participants saw and heard about the SOCRATES2.0 journey of the past four years.

Plenary Introduction

During the introduction that presented the SOCRATES2.0 project in a nutshell, the participants listened to project manager Tiffany Vlemmings talk with Serge van Dam from Rijkswaterstaat and Ulrich Fastenrath from BMW Group about the start of the project and the SOCRATES2.0 results and how to use these in the future. Also, Peter Lubrich from BASt outlined the innovative elements that have been developed within SOCRATES2.0.


Breakout sessions 

  1. Breakout session 1: Lessons learned & how to fail faster: Organisational, functional and technical aspects of SOCRATES2.0.
  2. Breakout session 2: SOCRATES2.0 cooperation framework: The essential first step towards the win-win-win.
  3. Breakout session 3: Bringing the concept of interactive traffic management to European practice: Enablers & bottleneck.
  4. Breakout session 4: Different road authorities have different perspectives: How does this impact interactive traffic management?
  5. Breakout session 5: Facing reality: Piloting SOCRATES2.0 services in 4 cities.

Plenary wrap-up with partner reflection on the project, results and future 

Finally, the public and private partners of SOCRATES2.0 reflected on the project and the future of interactive traffic management. This is a 12-minute mini documentary available for you to watch online. During the reflection, the partners elaborated on aspects like the necessity of cooperation between several parties such as road authorities and service providers to make SOCRATES2.0 a success. Watch the plenary wrap-up.