SOCRATES2.0 Digital Magazine: read all about the results, reflections on the concept and follow-up

All the project ins and outs are now conveniently bundled in a clear and easy to navigate Digital Magazine. Read all the details about the results, lessons learned and what is next for European interactive traffic management. It gives you a quick impression of the SOCRATES2.0 journey, what we have worked on over the past four years and how to shape the future of interactive traffic management.

This magazine zooms in on the Cooperation Framework we developed for a structured cooperation between public and private partners. It also shares our experiences with cooperation in practice. And we looked at the business side and have shared our ideas and actual follow-up on what is or will be done with our findings after the project. 

Browse through this rich content for a comprehensive view on interactive traffic management and the results of SOCRATES2.0. If you would like to know more about a specific topic, the magazine contains various links to more elaborate public reports.

Read the magazine.