Socrates2.0 Smart Mobility example for Dutch Parliament 

The Dutch minister of Infrastructure and Water Management offered an update letter on Smart Mobility in the Netherlands to the house of representatives. In the accompanying brochure Smart Mobility Dutch Reality, SOCRATES2.0 is set as an example for public-private cooperation in Traffic Management.

The brochure says: 

In recent years, governments and businesses in the European project Socrates2.0 made a start with the traffic management of the future. This project creates and tests new forms of public-private partnerships. Also, the effect on the traffic flow is examined and which business cases for government and industry can be fruitful. Trials have started in four European cities, including Amsterdam. To facilitate the data exchange between the parties, data jointly to interpret and translate into navigation advice or even coordinated services become different ‘intermediary’ roles described. The more complex the collaboration, the more intermediary roles must be implemented. The project will be completed in 2021. New forms of collaboration are expected to make a further contribution to be able to properly inform the road user. 


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